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What is a firewall?

What is a firewall?

Sometimes, when you surf on the internet,  you might be randomly asked to open a firewall for your security. So what exactly is a firewall? Moreover, how can they protect your privacy online? Are you also curious to learn the differences between a firewall and a VPN? This article will help guide you to clearly understand all this. 

What’s a firewall used for?


A firewall is a defensive shield placed between your computer and the World Wide Web.  It serves as the foundation to help filter and maintain the flow through the network. Simply to say, it’s the first line of defense to block suspicious sources within the traffic of information. 

With a firewall, you can set up your own security regulations and choose to block the traffic from specific websites. However, a firewall will automatically notify the user to block traffic when it detects an incoming threat. Therefore, it allows the incoming information  until the user has made a verification.

The difference between a firewall and a VPN

A VPN creates a secure tunnel which allows you to encrypt your IP address and internet activity. It is also known as the second layer of privacy after the firewall. However, it only secures your internet connection, but not your computer. 

A firewall can set up security rules and filter data packets from entering your computer, while a VPN cannot do this. It can only monitor your internet activity and prevent others from stealing your personal information. 

However, a VPN can help you bypass geographical restrictions and allows you to access any content from other countries, while a firewall cannot do this.

Other tips for your privacy protection

Both firewall and VPN are essential to protect your internet privacy, and there are other encryption tips that you can take as well. You can choose to clear all cookies online, hide your IP address, or choose a better VPN to secure your privacy. A QuickSafe VPN can be your choice, which can provide you unlimited streaming and unblocked websites. It helps you to browse without fear or worry about snoopers attacking private information.

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