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What is a botnet and how to avoid it?

What is a botnet and how to avoid it?

The botnet can be troublesome when using your technology for work or gaming. It can affect your device’s systems and even invade your privacy. This post will explain what botnet is, and show you how to avoid it.

What is a botnet?

The term “botnet” is a combination of the words “bot” and “network”. When a device becomes infiltrated by software distributed by malware, it will create a “bot program” for each compromised device. Bot programs are malware that can infect computers to perform commands under the remote control of an attacker.

Nowadays, cybercriminals are increasingly using botnets as a commodity for hire for various purposes. They use botnets to spread malware such as viruses to take control of your computer/software. This control allows them to have unlimited access to your personal information, including passwords and account login information. Therefore, the term often has a negative or malicious connotation.

Common botnet behavior

  • Email spam

Spam botnets are massive. Mostly, they serve to send spam including malware from each roamer in the form of spam emails. In addition, in order to recruit more computers to the botnet, they are used to spread bot programs. These type of emails are usually disguised as messages from every day people, or advertisers. They can be quite annoying or worse, malicious.

  • DDoS attacks

The DDoS attack is an attack on specific websites, servers, and networks by using massive botnets. This can overload the network of the target website or target server with requests, making it inaccessible to its target users.

  • Financial breaches

Financial breaches are botnets dedicated to stealing money and credit card information directly from businesses. Such botnets can often embezzle large amounts of money in a short time.

  • Targeted Attacks

Targeted attacks tend to be launched by smaller botnets with the primary goal of disrupting specific high-value systems of an organization. These intrusions are extremely dangerous to companies because attackers will specifically target their most valuable assets.

How to identify botnets

  • Suspicious Email

If you find suspicious emails delivered to your contact list, then you may be suffering from a botnet attack.

  • No system updates

If you find that you are unable to download or update your system, then you may be suffering from a botnet attack.

  • Device crash

If your device suddenly becomes really slow or easily crashes, then you may be under a botnet attack.

  • Slow Internet connection

If your Internet connection suddenly becomes very slow, you may be a victim of a botnet attack.

  • Abnormal computer shutdown

If your device appears abnormal when shutting down, such as taking too long to shut down, then you may be under a botnet attack.

  • Questionable applications

If your device displays suspicious applications, such as software that you have not downloaded but appeared, then you may be experiencing a botnet attack.

How to avoid botnets

  • Keep operating system up-to-date

A botnet may be able to compromise your network or device through a vulnerability in your system. So you need to keep your system up-to-date to prevent from the intrusion.

  • Scan downloads

You need to scan all downloads before you run the downloaded file. This is a very important measure to prevent botnet intrusion through downloaded files.

  • Never open unknown files

You should always remember never to open files of unknown or suspicious origin. They may also contain the source of malware propagation initiated by a botnet.

  • Avoid clicking suspicious links

Do not click any suspicious links. This is because the links may spread malware. Therefore you should carefully check each link you get before clicking on it.

  • Install anti-virus programs

Installing anti-virus software is also a good idea to prevent botnet intrusion. This will enhance your device’s security and reduce the possibility of downloading risky content.

  • Use a VPN

Consider using a VPN to protect your gadgets. A VPN can hide your IP address and encrypt your network activity, keeping you from botnet attacks. Therefore, using a VPN is a very effective way to stop botnet intrusion. 

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