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About QuickSafe

We are always striving to bring the best VPN product that offers secure, fast, and free internet access to our users worldwide.

Devoted To Bring Health And Convenience To Users

QuickSafe is a VPN product created by Enerjoy, and has protected millions of people’s online security and privacy. Enerjoy, set up in 2019, is an energetic and creative company. We devote to building apps that will have positive impacts on people’s lives. We strive for improving our applications continuously so that our users will feel energy and happiness in the process of usage. Thus QuickSafe comes into being.

About QuickSafe

Devoted to creating the best VPN worldwide

Now, we have 15+ IT experts working on QuickSafe. We are always striving to bring the best VPN product to our users worldwide. Our content is where people who require an unlimited and private network get a great VPN product that offers secure, fast, and free internet access.

We also care about our customers and provide you with 24/7 live service. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions about QuickSafe.

About QuickSafe
About QuickSafe
About QuickSafe

QuickSafe: Fast & Unlitmited VPN

QuickSafe VPN is a safe and private tool dedicated to protecting your privacy, which can protect your personal information on any public Wi-Fi network. Encrypt your data and avoid leaving activity logs.

  • Block IP address & location tracking. Military-grade 256-bit encryption. 
  • Secure your connection and personal data from snoopers and hackers
  • 500+ servers and 10 virtual regions. Surf anonymously all over the world.
  • Faster and more stable connection. Secure access to social media, games and videos.
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth. 4X faster. Enjoy smooth 1080P video playback quality.

Want to unlock a special offer?

✓  Unlock content from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and more

✓  Enjoy unlimited steaming and gaming

✓  Browse with greater privacy and anonymity

✓  Connect to global locations

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